If your daughter looking for a pet monkey toy, look no more, Furreal Monkey is the one that you are looking for. Get this baby monkey who acts like the real thing. The pet features over 100 sounds, movements, and responses, allowing it to react just like a real monkey!

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Furreal Monkey Product Features

This Furreal Friends Monkey has many features like a real thing. Here are some of them:

Furreal Monkey Video

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Laugh With Cuddles

This monkey acts like a real one and girls will be able to play the whole day away and laugh out lout at the same time. Just like a real baby monkey, Furreal Friends Monkey loves to go bananas! She responds with adorable monkey laughter and cute, lifelike movements. Tickle her belly and she will giggle and wiggle. Swing her around and she will react with over-the-top monkey laughter to show how much fun she’s having! She even knows when she’s upside down! When playtime is over, you can sit Cuddles down, and she will continue to move and make sounds to grab your attention. She’s always ready to play again!

100-Plus Responses

Furreal Friends Monkey has more than 100 responses, including blinking her eyes, moving her head, and opening, closing and moving her mouth! She responds to tickling and being swung right side up and upside down. She makes many sounds that reflect all of her monkey moods, from happy and playful to sleepy and lovable. She comes with a banana bottle that can fit in her hand and a removable diaper.

I Look Awesome With a Dress

Furreal Monkey friend

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Girls will have a lot of fun with Furreal Monkey Pet toy because she can be dressed easily. They will be playing with her all the time and see that her drops are like those of a real baby or something like that. She can perform lifelike actions that will make your little daughters have a lot of fun. A girl can feed her, dress her, tickle her and do anything she wants with this awesome toy. The price of Cuddles is fair because it has many sensors that make her perform amazing movements and laugh a lot at the same time. Cuddles will go to sleep if it is not used for a couple of minutes, and this feature will save a lot of energy.

I am an Advanced Toy

The look and sounds of this doll are adorable, and its price is reasonable as well. Cuddle uses an advanced technology to make your daughter happy with all her life like movements and actions. For instance, Cuddles will suck at the bottle instead of just making some sucking sounds.

Furreal Friends Monkey Technical Details

  • Monkey pet giggles and makes monkey sounds when you cuddle or tickle her
  • Cuddles My Giggly Monkey pet responds when you play with her
  • Swing her in the air and she knows when she’s upside down
  • More than 100 responses
  • Monkey pet closes her eyes when you put her to bed
  • Rock her
  • Pet comes with bottle, diaper and pet care guide
  • Requires 4 C batteries (not included)

Furreal Friends Monkey Review

Here is one of the honest Furreal Friends Monkey review by Jen that already purchase and use this pet toy.

I picked this up as a gift for my kiddo’s friend’s birthday. As soon as he saw it, he was curious about it. I explained it was not for him, but after a week of whining, I gave in and we opened her up. He was immediately taken by her and handled her very gently, as if she were real. I have never been a big fan of the FurReal toys as I feel they tend to be overpriced and are typically not cuddly at all. They are also usually extremely repetitive. Cuddles is the furthest from this norm that I’ve ever seen from the brand.

She is very soft, and her arms and legs are plush, not rigid with moving parts. Her hands and feet are also very soft and squishy, completely different from the hard plastic we’re used to. They feel almost real as you hold them. They’re very pliable and we had fun having her do silly things, like hold onto her ears and stick her toes in her mouth. At first I thought the lack of arm movement would make her feel more “fake” but it’s actually the opposite effect. Her face is also made of this very soft material and it allows her face to move in a realistic way when she babbles or drinks her bottle. She will sometimes “pucker” her lips and stick them out while blowing raspberries. Too cute!

She has quite a large range of sounds even though she doesn’t actually speak. She “says” uh oh, uh huh, giggles, hums, drinks, burps and babbles. She has sensors on the sides of her face as well as her tummy and an internal sensor that helps her detect her position. She will turn toward your hand if you brush her gently on the cheek, and if she senses consistent contact (as when you’re holding her close to you) she sometimes “snuggles” closer to you and closes her eyes. She also has a little lever in her left shoulder that lets her know when she’s being picked up or swung around by her arms. This usually makes her laugh and make other happy sounds.

It’s also possible to rock her to sleep as her internal sensor detects the motion and gradually she’ll start to doze off. One of her most endearing qualities is how she makes little sounds for a bit even after she’s fallen asleep. With other toys like this, they sleep and then there’s total silence. Cuddles will make sleepy sounds for a bit with her eyes closed and then falls into a deep sleep where she may start snoring. After this, she makes cute little noises in her sleep for another minute or so before going completely quiet. This is super cute as my kiddo puts her to “bed” each night. Sometimes she’ll open up her eyes and babble a bit before going back to sleep and he talks to her as if he’s trying to coax her back to sleep! So precious.

Even when none of her sensors are being activated, she’s very cute to watch. Her entire trunk moves and wiggles and she regularly looks around to check out her surroundings. She will turn off when she isn’t played with, even without rocking her to sleep. Sometimes she closes her eyes and falls asleep on her own and sometimes she just gets quiet and her eyes are still open. Needless to say, I had to pick up another one for the birthday party and we have our own Cuddles to keep! This is a perfect gift for any kiddo who loves babies and/or animals. The price point is a bit steep but this is the first FurReal product that I have ever truly recommended. Your kiddos will love her!

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